Ryan hauls in $30 million for NRCC

From Politico:

Speaker Paul Ryan in August transferred nearly $2.7 million to the National Republican Campaign Committee, bringing his total haul for the House Republicans’ campaign finance arm to just under $30 million.

The fundraising sum is a record for a sitting speaker, and nearly triple that of former Speaker John Boehner’s NRCC numbers for the 2014 election cycle, when the Ohio Republican transferred $12.6 million. They also eclipse Boehner’s 2012 NRCC total of $20.9 million.

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Ryan’s performance speaks to the Wisconsin Republican’s impressive fundraising prowess and connections as well as Republican donors’ support for his vision for the House.

Ryan spent much of August crisscrossing the country, hauling in cash for vulnerable House members on the NRCC’s Patriot Program and GOP candidates running in open seats. He traveled to a dozen states and participated in 17 events from Washington state to New York.

The August transfer is Ryan’s fourth largest to the NRCC and comes just weeks after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee outraised the House Republican fundraising arm by a whopping $7 million in July.

A Ryan staffer said the speaker plans to maintain what his political arm, Team Ryan, refers to as his “breakneck” fundraising pace over the next two months. He plans to stump for and support more House and Senate members in September and October to ensure the best outcome possible for Hill Republicans on Election Day.

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