Sex, ‘lies’ and the Grayson family drama

From Politico:

As Rep. Alan Grayson’s Senate campaign began falling apart over allegations he beat his ex-wife, he blasted out a new robocall touting a Grayson for U.S. House campaign.

Grayson, however, wasn’t dropping out of the Senate race and running for reelection. He instead was phoning Wednesday on behalf of his new wife, Dena Minning Grayson. She married him during the election season on Memorial Day weekend, when she was running as Dena Minning. She promptly changed her last name and began campaigning as his ideological and familial heir in a district where she didn’t live and was once a complete political unknown.

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But now that Alan Grayson is bleeding support and staff as top fellow Democrats call on him to quit the Senate race, Dena Grayson’s relationship with her new husband is starting to vex her.

For starters, the ex-wife of Alan Grayson who filed multiple domestic violence reports against him blames Dena Grayson for committing adultery with the congressman before the divorce.

“In the last few years of my marriage, Alan Mark Grayson was unfaithful to me with Dena Minning,” Lolita Grayson said in an email Thursday to POLITICO, marking the first time she named Minning, who is otherwise listed as one of the congressman’s alleged “paramours” in his ex’s divorce filings.

Neither Alan Grayson nor Dena Grayson’s campaigns would respond to the new claims from Lolita Grayson or a list of questions submitted for this story.

Grayson’s name started to become politically toxic on Tuesday after POLITICO published a story detailing four domestic-abuse police reports Lolita Grayson filed against him during two decades of marriage. He denied the charges and counter-accused her of battery. Later that day, Grayson had had a tense run-in with a POLITICO reporter, caught on video, when he refused to discuss the matter.

Grayson then quickly …

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