Suburban Women Key To Victory In Pennsylvania Senate Race

From NPR:

“Hi! How’s everybody doin’?” McGinty said, as she entered the Western Learning Center, an early childhood program for local families.

McGinty stopped here Tuesday to tout her economic agenda with a small group of local parents, but first, it was story time.

McGinty selected “King Bidgood’s In The Bathtub,” the tale of a king who refuses to get out of the tub. And just as he emerges from the tub, one of the children assembled at McGinty’s feet shouted out: “Ew, he’s naked!”

And then, an adorable amount of chaos ensued.

“For the record, reporters, there is a towel around the king,” laughed McGinty as the teachers tried to quiet down the giggling group. “I checked!”

Economic issues driving 2016

At a meeting afterward with mothers of children at the learning center, McGinty outlined her economic proposals that include child-care tax credits, paid family leave and a $15 federal minimum wage.

It’s clear that economic security is at the forefront of women’s minds in this battleground state.

LaToya Brewington, a married mother of two children, told McGinty how hard it’s been for her family to make ends meet, even with good paying jobs. She works at a local hospital.

“I cry so many nights not knowing how I’m going to pay for this, how I’m going to pay for that,” she said, “and I have a decent job. I make over $25 hour, and I still can’t get child-care assistance because I make that much. It’s like if you’ve got nothing, you get it all, and if you’ve got a little bit of something, you get nothing.”

McGinty needs to maximize Democratic turnout in Philadelphia from women voters like Sareeta Hoffman. A 40-year-old mother of five, Sareeta said support for higher wages is her No. 1 issue this November.

“Most likely my vote will be for (McGinty),” Hoffman said. She …

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