The election is in 100 days. Here’s what we know.

From The Washington Post:

Here are five things I think I know.

1. There is no Trump 2.0. 

I’ve been saying this for a while now. There is no pivot. There is no new and improved version. There is just Donald Trump — take him or leave him. Ask yourself this: What successful 70-year-old man — in the immediate aftermath of one of the greatest victories of his life — decides to do things totally differently? The answer is no 70-year-old man, particularly one with the level of supreme confidence displayed by Trump.

“There is no other Donald Trump,” Clinton said in her acceptance speech last week in Philadelphia. “This is it.” That’s right. For Republicans desperately hoping that Trump stops attacking members of his own party or takes a break from Twitter, it’s just not going to happen. Trump is going to be Trump; Republicans have to decide whether that’s who they want to vote for.

2. Hillary Clinton is going to play it safe.

Clinton’s defining trait as a politician is her cautiousness. She doesn’t leap before she looks. Ever.  Her selection of Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) as her vice presidential running mate — and reporting that suggests Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack finished second in the veepstakes — makes clear that Clinton isn’t going to take any major risks in the coming days of the campaign.

What that caution reflects is a belief — never stated publicly — among Clinton and her senior aides that if she does the basic blocking and tackling in swing states, makes no major mistakes and just keeps letting Trump talk, she wins. Based on the electoral map …

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