The First 100 Days: What Clinton And Trump Want To Get Done

From NPR:

“What follows is my 100-day action plan to make America great again,” Donald Trump told supporters in Gettysburg, Pa., last weekend. “First I will announce my intention to totally renegotiate NAFTA, one of the worst deals our country has ever made.”

Trump also promised to withdraw from a proposed Asia-Pacific trade deal that’s been in the works. Both those moves would be well within the new president’s authority.

“As a general matter, if the president wants to withdraw from a treaty, he simply gets to do that,” said Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “That’s part of the powers of the office.”

Trump would also have the power to deport more than 2 million criminals in the country without documentation, halt immigration from parts of the world he calls “terror prone,” and quickly reverse many of the initiatives undertaken by President Obama.

“If you’re an administration that lives by the executive order, than you’re going to die by the executive order, too,” said Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to Trump. He expects Trump would act almost immediately to reverse the power plant rules at the heart of Obama’s climate agenda, as well as Obama’s orders governing immigration enforcement and overtime pay.

“You could literally have a stack of executive orders on Donald Trump’s desk in the Oval Office that he could sign literally in his first hours of being president,” Moore said. “And that would be in many cases, I think, an enormous lift to the economy.”

Other parts of Trump’s agenda would require support from a friendly Republican Congress. Those include Trump’s massive tax cut, the repeal of Obamacare, and that big new wall along the border with Mexico.

“Don’t worry about it,” Trump assured supporters. “Mexico is paying for the wall. With …

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