The GOP’s infomercial hopes to sell a likeable Trump

From The Washington Post:

“The convention’s coming at a good time for us to turn the page,” a hopeful Reince Priebus, the party’s chairman, said in an interview after spending the pre-convention week snuffing out a “Never Trump” revolt among a rebellious group of party rulemakers.

Republicans descended on Cleveland, a city tense with security concerns and fears that street protests could turn into riots, as Trump on Saturday brought a chaotic and sometimes surreal vice-presidential selection process to its formal conclusion.

Officially introducing an uncharacteristically conventional running mate, Trump appeared in New York with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for the first time as a ticket — an event that is normally one of the most intricately choreographed in any presidential campaign.

But Trump did it on a badly lit stage in a rambling speech that was mostly about himself, proving once again that he is a candidate who cannot be scripted.

While Trump called Pence “a man who I truly think will be outstanding in every way,” he also acknowledged that one of his reasons for picking him was “party unity, I have to be honest. So many people have said party unity, because I’m an outsider.”

Trump will formally accept the party’s presidential nomination here on Thursday facing big hurdles in the race against Democratic nominee-in-waiting Hillary Clinton. He is behind in most polls, both in battleground states and nationally, even though Clinton has had a difficult few weeks of renewed focus on the controversy over her private email server.

Polls also show Trump with the highest negative ratings of any major-party nominee in recent history, though Clinton herself fares nearly as badly.

Modern conventions are political infomercials, and the four-day gathering in Cleveland will aim to present Trump as a more substantive …

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