The Senate’s next millionaire class?

From Politico:

If Democrat Evan Bayh wins the Indiana Senate seat in two weeks, he’ll be one of the richest members of a chamber already heavily stocked with millionaires.

And while Bayh’s eight-figure net worth may grab headlines, other Democrats vying for the Senate this year have all done well for themselves, with many of them richer than their Republican opponents.

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According to a POLITICO review of personal financial disclosures, five of the Democratic candidates in seven key Senate battlegrounds — Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Florida — appear to be wealthier than the Republican in the race. And this year, the politics of a candidate’s wealth has become an issue in some Senate races, including for Bayh in Indiana and Richard Burr in North Carolina.

In some cases, the wealth disparity between the candidates is not close. For instance, Bayh and his wife, Susan, reported between $13.9 million to $48 million in assets in the 21-month span starting January 2015. The couple had just one liability: a mortgage valued between $500,001 and $1 million.

Republican Todd Young’s portfolio is decidedly more modest.

The three-term House lawmaker reported just $51,000 to $120,000 in assets, according to his financial disclosure forms filed in May. Meanwhile, Young has between $530,000 and $1.1 million in liabilities — a mortgage and two credit card accounts.

Bayh’s financial assets have attracted the most attention of any Senate candidate, with Republicans seizing on his soaring wealth since the former senator left Congress in 2010 to level charges that Bayh profited from his lengthy career in public service.

“You took the money and ran,” charged Young in what was likely their only debate last week. “Evan, when we needed a senator the most, you left us to work for them in Washington, D.C. and made …

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