“They White, Get They Ass!” Video Shows Milwaukee Rioters Target Whites For Assault

From Chris Menahan, InformationLiberation:

Video out of Milwaukee shows African-American rioters targeting whites for assault.

From Paul Joseph Watson:

The full video is 30 minutes long, it was shared on Facebook live before “being deleted.”

One of the rioters blamed the riots on “rich people” because they’re not giving blacks enough money.

Rich people not giving us money so we burn down our own neighborhoods. #BlackLivesMatter logic. #Milwaukee pic.twitter.com/Nc9z9JGZJF

Milwaukee is a black majority city which voted 67.5% for Obama in 2012.

This is Hillary’s voting base, that’s why she invited the mother of attempted cop killer Michael Brown to come on stage at her convention. That’s why after the Dallas shooting where a BLM supporter targeted “white cops” for extermination she took to twitter to lecture white people about how they need to do a better job “listening” to black people.

Hillary Clinton agrees with the guy interviewed above, all the problems in the black community are to be blamed on whites. This despite African-Americans receiving hugely disproportionate amounts of welfare, affirmative action in schools, diversity quotas to help them get jobs and more. Racist whitey is still to blame for all their problems.

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