This Week, Trump Stumps And Clinton Airs Ads

From NPR:

Clinton has one day of campaigning on her schedule, plus an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Trump, meanwhile, has four big rallies planned. And if the rest of the campaign has been any template, Trump’s many speeches will get many minutes of airtime.

But then, Clinton will be all over the commercial breaks. She just made a new $80 million ad buy. That will put her well over Trump’s total; last week, NBC News reported Clinton’s — and pro-Clinton groups’ — total ad buys came to just over $100 million. In comparison, Trump ads at the time totaled around $12 million.

The week is a sign of where the campaigns’ strategies are at this point: Trump is trying to dig himself out of a sizable polling hole, and he’s stumping furiously to get that done. Clinton, meanwhile, is letting Trump dominate the news cycle, while keeping her communication with the public neatly packaged and monitored.

Clinton’s Message Is In Large Part Trump’s Words

The latest Clinton ad follows a pattern she already established: using Trump’s own words against him. Entitled “Just One,” the ad casts Donald Trump as too mercurial to be trusted with national security issues.

It calls to mind another, widely circulated ad — the one of children watching Trump’s more outrageous moments on television. And the campaign took a related tack with a video that is simply a string of Republican commentators and politicians criticizing Trump’s failure to release his tax returns.

The clear message of these ads is that Clinton doesn’t need to editorialize to attack Trump; he does it himself (as do his fellow Republicans).

Moreover, it’s notable that Clinton is mostly getting her message out this week via TV ads. Hers …

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