Tim Kaine just called out Donald Trump’s history of housing discrimination

From The Washington Post:

Tim Kaine began his career as a fair-housing lawyer, a lesser-known detail about the Democratic vice-presidential nominee now mostly recognized for his mild-mannered dad-ness and goofy Trump impersonations.

For years he sued Richmond landlords and lenders who discriminated against blacks, which gives him deep expertise in a topic that, until now, has not figured into this presidential election. As one civil rights lawyer said to me after the Virginia senator’s introduction as Clinton’s running mate last month, there hasn’t been such a strong fair-housing advocate on a presidential ticket since Walter Mondale, who helped write the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

Kaine tells some of this personal history in an op-ed for CNN today, recounting the story of a black woman named Lorraine who was baldly denied an apartment then offered to a white tenant. Then he ties this past to another less well-known story about Donald Trump’s past:

Progress has been slow because there have always been people willing to discriminate for profit. In fact, before I started my career fighting this problem, and while my running mate, Hillary Clinton, was going undercover to expose school segregation in Alabama — our opponent, Donald Trump, was occupying himself in other ways.

Around this same time, if a woman like Lorraine attempted to rent an apartment from Trump’s company, federal investigators were told that employees would have added a piece of paper to her rental application with the letter “C” on it. As the Department of Justice would later discover, “C” stood for “Colored.”

Before Trump moved into the business of luxury high-rises and casinos, he helped run a rental empire built by his father in New York that catered to working- and middle-class tenants. In the early 1970s, the Justice Department accused the family of discriminating against black tenants across 39 properties the …

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