Trump, Clinton go to Cleveland in pursuit of the working-class voter

From The Washington Post:

In a bid to boost turnout among a traditionally Democratic constituency, Clinton ticked off a list of policy proposals aimed at lifting working-class families and warned that Trump does not have their best interests in mind, citing what she characterized as a long record as a businessman of “stiffing” contractors he employed.

“Just look at Donald Trump’s track record when it comes to hard-working men and women,” the Democratic presidential nominee told a crowd of about 3,000 people at an annual festival in a park here that has long been a gathering place for African Americans. “There may be people you know who are thinking about voting for him. And you know, friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.”

Clinton was joined by a trio of national union leaders, all of whom touted her as the best choice for workers, and by her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Kaine called Trump “a guy who’s been sitting up in the penthouse and doesn’t even under­stand the everyday lives of working folks.”

Trump made a lower-key pitch, holding a roundtable discussion with local labor leaders and union members at a suburban American Legion post and mingling with patrons at a city diner before heading to a county fair near Youngstown.

The Republican nominee was joined at both Cleveland-area stops by Tom Coyne, mayor of the suburb of Brook Park and a former Democrat. Trump showcased Coyne as a model of his ability to reach across party lines, including to working-class voters who like his anti-free-trade message and tough anti-immigration stands.

“These are the big union folks here,” Trump said as he sat with several workers and Coyne at a back table at Goody’s Diner.

“I think the mayor is just one example that’s happening across this country where voters who traditionally haven’t voted Republican or haven’t …

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