Trump promotes his new luxury hotel _ along with campaign

From The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — With his White House dreams increasingly in question, Donald Trump is spending precious campaign time promoting his private business in the final weeks of the long race. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is using his appearances to undermine his business credentials out on the campaign trail, accusing him of having “stiffed American workers.”

Less than two weeks before Election Day – and with polls showing him trailing in many battleground states – Trump took a break from campaigning Wednesday morning to formally open his new hotel in Washington. His remarks at the hotel, which has struggled to fill rooms amid the controversy surrounding his presidential bid, followed a visit Tuesday to another of his properties, the Doral golf course outside Miami.

“Under budget and ahead of schedule. So important. We don’t hear those words so often, but you will,” said Trump, linking the hotel redevelopment to his promised performance as president. “Today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country.”

Though the GOP nominee focused his remarks on his political message, the event was heavy with marketing, too. Standing under glittering chandeliers, top company executives, including his daughter, touted the hotel. After delivering brief political remarks, Trump and his family headed to the hotel’s grand lobby where they cut a wide red ribbon with golden scissors before flying to North Carolina for what his campaign billed as an urban policy speech.

As Trump cut ribbons, Clinton was slamming Trump’s business practices at a Florida campaign rally, saying he built his empire with Chinese-manufactured steel, overseas products and labor from immigrants in the country …

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