Trump and Sanders Voters More Leary of War Than Cruz or Clinton Voters


From The Intercept:

A PEW POLL released this week finds that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders voters share a more skeptical view of U.S. military adventurism than Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton supporters.

On most other issues, Democratic and Republican voters find themselves diametrically opposed, but this issue splits each party.

Only 25 percent of Cruz voters and 28 percent of Clinton voters say “U.S. global involvement makes things worse,” while 38 percent of Trump supporters and 45 percent of Sanders supporters take the same view.

2016-presidential debate-major-issues

Another atypical issue is Social Security, where overwhelming majorities of voters for all five remaining presidential candidates think payments should not be reduced — despite the fact that both Cruz and John Kasich advocate gradually raising the retirement age or other benefit reductions.

The poll found wide gulfs on some issues. For instance, only 27 percent of Trump voters say “free trade is good” for the country, compared to 48 percent among Cruz voters, 55 percent of Sanders supporters, and 58 percent among Clinton voters.

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