Turkey Calls For “Buffer Zone” In Syria As Military Seizes Territory Called For By Brookings, MSM

From Blacklistednews:

As Turkey marches forward in its invasion of Syrian territory, the true purpose for the initial invasion is becoming more and more clear. While some commentators maintain that Turkey’s recent military adventure is actually coordinated with the Russians and the Syrians, the fruit of Turkey’s labor tells a different story.

For instance, on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his intention and desire for the creation of a “buffer zone” in Northern Syria that spans over the territory recently seized by Turkish forces and, interestingly enough, also spans the same dimensions of a “buffer zone” called for by numerous military industrial complex firms, “strategy” organizations, and “think tanks” angling for the destruction of the Syrian government.

Speaking from the G20 meeting in China, Erdogan stated “We are working for this region to be declared no-fly zone. This is my proposal to Mr Putin and Mr Obama. This can be done with coalition forces.”

He added that “Now in this summit, to all of our friends, we have brought up this issue and told them this.” Erdogan called for a “no-fly zone” last year at the Antalya summit and has been a cheerleader for the plan for quite some time.

The United States has been assisting the Turks in their military operations in Northern Syria by contributing airstrikes. Recently, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition tweeted “Welcome progress in sealing final 98-kilometer strip of Turkish border from #ISIL terrorists, who increasingly have no way out #ISIS #Daesh.”

The Turkish invasion is predicated on the basis of “fighting ISIS,” a wholly unbelievable goal since Turkey itself has been supporting, training, and facilitating ISIS since day one. Not only that, but Turkey is arriving in Syria with terrorists in tow since, as the

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