Tyranny, Traitor and Cowardice; In a Fight For Our Nation

From Dr. John H. Glasgow, Blacklisted News:

There has been no military called to arms, no rush of troops to the front line and no bastion to be taken inside the United States. Yet we are at war.  Our government, the one for and of the people currently does not exist or it is teetering and about to crumble.  Our country our people are the masses, the power behind our system. We are the majority, often silent, but a vibrant force when the call arises.  

We have been taken over by a small, nefarious group of elitists, who have been working hard to undermine the truth of what they are doing.  While milking our nation or its riches, they are aggressively attempting to take our voice and manipulate our opinions; to blind us.  They are corrupting our nation.  

Propaganda is a tool of war used against the masses to control and manipulate behavior.  If propaganda is rampant in our nation and is being used in an attempt to control our behavior, it is an aggressive act of war!  A war against the citizens of the United States of America!

Propaganda is an offensive weapon of war to attack an enemy.  It is a tool of war driven by a war machine of elitists, an opposition intent on taking control of a culture, society, organization or government.  We the people of the United States and the constitution for which it stands are the target!  

We aren’t supposed to call terrorist attacks what they are, but instead call them Lone

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