Video game marketing pushes Human Augmentation, Implantable Devices

From Blacklisted News:

Bizarrely, in an effort to promote their new vdeo game ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ developer Square-Enix is set to cohost with CNN’s own Courageous studios the Human by Design conference on August 3rd in New York City. The conference consists of three major panels: ‘Is Augmentation a Human Right’, ‘Selective vs. Therapeutic’ and lastly ‘The Future of The Far Far Next’ all being discussed by various thought leaders, scientists, engineers and artists to explore the ethical and scientific underpinnings of the uncomfortably near future.

“Human by Design goes beyond bringing to life the key themes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This conference is a special opportunity for a video game to take pause from the limitless world we play in, and to drive the conversation around what is really happening in the space of human augmentation,” says senior executive Jon Grant of Square-Enix, failing to note that the game he’s referencing revolves around a horribly dystopic future and a tyrannical government regime, yay!

Touting sensational tag lines like ‘Pacemakers, Bionic Limbs and Implantable Chips are becoming the new norm.’ and showcasing one person who has ‘an intenna implanted into [his] head to hear colors’ and considers himself cyborg while discussing the ‘incalculable risks’ involved with human augmentation the conference is definitely dealing with some serious concepts.

“Augmentation, if it becomes standard, will be used for bad purposes, there’s no doubt about that.” is a pretty chilling statement to be made being on the back of video game marketing especially considering one of the goals of the conference panel members is to make people more comfortable with planting chips in their head. Why would a government ever have to worry about forcibly chipping the public when they can convince them to implant them willingly?

So there you …

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