VIDEO: Horrifying moment when Nice killer truck hits unsuspecting people filmed from front (GRAPHIC)

From RT:

Another shocking video has come to light from the tragic Nice truck attack filmed just meters from the speeding truck as it plowed through the crowd, shocking and bring devastation to the revelers’ Bastille Day celebration. WARNING: SOME MAY FIND THE FOLLOWING FOOTAGE DISTURBING

It seemed like a perfect evening, with the festive crowd enjoying live music, lights and laughter. The video shows families strolling down the promenade, slowly making their way down to see the fireworks.

As the camera turns around in the opposite direction, faint screams can be heard as the crowd in the distance seems to be panicking and trying to run away.

One nearby person looks out onto the road in shock.

All of a sudden, the screams become louder and chaos ensues, as a white truck swerves as it chases the running people, deliberately trying to run them over.

Some people just a few meters in front of the vehicle still seem unaware of what is happening as they continue to walk at a slow pace, enjoying the evening.

As the camera points to the ground, a loud cry is clearly heard: “My daughter, my daughter!”

The attack in Nice left 84 people dead and over 200 injured, with 18 still in critical condition. The truck plowed into the crowd on the Promenade des Anglais on Thursday as the French were celebrating Bastille Day.

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