Waist Trainers Corsets

We like to keep an avid eye towards developing trends in the consumer markets, especially those related to health trends. Over the years, we’ve found that health products tend to be the most abused by marketers. When we heard of the growing trend of women (and probably some men as well) using waist trainers as a part of a larger body sculpting process—red flags went up all over the place. Whether you’re doing research before buying waist trainers online, have already been using a waist trainer for helping to get an “hourglass” shape, or if you’ve only heard of them in passing—this article should offer you some quality food for thought.

What Constitutes a Waist Trainer

Throughout the years, there have been more weight loss products than one could count on 1000 hands, 1000 feet, in a 1000 lives. When it comes to specific concerns related to losing belly fat or getting into bikini shape, however, one class of such products stand out more so than others—waist jigglers.  You might remember these machines from comedic interpretations of the 1950’s in movies or TV shows but very few people have actually experienced on in real life. As science developed, and consumers tolerance for BS decreased, waist jigglers quickly became a thing of the past. Today, the modern equivalent (being that it’s marketed to slim down the waist specifically) are arguably waist trainers. These products are made up of several different types of consumer products designed to fit snuggly around the waist—many providing different types of support based on the goal. You might hear them called waist cinchers, waist pinchers, waist shapers, waist trainers, belly shapers, hourglass shapers, or even corsets. There are neoprene versions used during exercise, meant to sweat excess fat out, and there are steel-boned versions with fancy lace meant more as fashion statements than actual tools aimed towards sculpting one’s physique.

Growing Popularity

Many consumer trends catch their most vehement traction when Hollywood celebrities start piling on board. Waist trainers are no exception and have had their popularity fueled by such notable personalities as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and even Snooki! Aside from specific endorsements from celebrities waist trainers have fit into the Instagram fitness craze almost seamlessly. Waist trainers have seen such meteoric growth in popularity for three distinct reasons in our opinion; one, they prey on the self-consciousness of women; two, they are romanticized by celebrities and Instagram influencers; three, they are pretty damn cheap. That’s to say; waist trainers are really popular in certain circles but they are also cheap enough that many women often buy several different types of waist trainers before conceding their experience with them to be concluded.

Do They Actually Work?

We suppose the question that everyone has at this point relates to the actual effectiveness of these fitness pals. Turns out—even though waist cinchers are arguably not a good idea for long-term use—that they are somewhat effective at trimming down belly fat. Now—just to be clear—no one should expect to wrap their stomachs in a waist trainer and lose 30 pounds without putting in the effort. Science continually describes healthy weight loss being achieved by diet and exercise and we’ve yet to find a professional to argue against those recommendations. Where products such as waist trainers come into the mix relates to optimizing one’s weight loss progress. Products like waist trainers, fat burners, and crazy diets can all help swing the momentum of a fat-loss goal in your favor but won’t do the work for you.

Where Would One Actually Buy A Waist Trainer?

Short answer—online, probably Amazon. Waist trainers have hit the consumer market hard in the last few years and are slowing creeping into department stores and general retailers like Wal-Mart. However, the selections here are limited and are often off-brand or lesser-known brands than one might find online. Amazon is a great place to shop for waist trainers, considering their relatively low cost. This article isn’t about shopping though; for a more detailed look at which options may be best suited towards specific needs check out this article about the best waist trainers available. It’s true, being that most waist trainers are quite inexpensive, that the best way to see how well you might respond is simply to try one out for yourself.

Lasting Impressions

We cover a wide range of topics here—from news and special interests to product reviews and obscure trends. Waist trainers kind of fit into several of these categories and have had a presence among national headlines since the late 1940’s in some capacity or another. Marketers, as marketers can be expected to do, tend to over sensationalize the potential of these types of products to have a favorable impact on body shape and belly fat. Nonetheless, there is enough scientific research describing their potential that we plan on keeping our eyes peeled for more devleopments. If you’re considering buying a waist trainer and experimenting with body-shaping for yourself we recommend consulting with a licensed professional (your doctor) before starting. There are many such cases where specific health concerns may completely negate any potential beneift. The only way to know is to get a professional evaluation!