WATCH: A ‘Tremendous’ Timeline Of Trump’s TV Commercials

From NPR:

In fact, as his poll numbers have cratered after the conventions, he’s being swamped on air with $52 million in ads from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign alone, according to NBC News. Add in outside groups, and pro-Clinton forces are spending a total of $91 million to hit the GOP presidential nominee. Trump-allied outside groups have spent only $8 million.

The businessman-turned-presidential-nominee gets plenty of free media, he’s noted. But he’s no stranger to the advertising wars himself. Trump has a long and colorful history in commercial breaks, one that long predates his presidential candidacy. From gobbling down Pizza Hut slices to leaving voicemails on Toshiba computer answering machines, many brands have called on Trump’s star power for a commercial boost. Watch five of them below.

The Nineties was the age of the internet revolution, Bill Clinton’s rise to the national stage and cheese-stuffed pizza crust. Trump, at the time, was trying to reorganize the Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump Plaza through bankruptcy-eventually forming Trump Hotels and Casinos in 1995.

What else was Trump doing in mid 1990s? Starring in a Pizza Hut commercial with his ex-wife, Ivana Trump. The two were married for 12 years before divorcing in 1990 on the grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment.” But the two reunited to star in a commercial playing off of their highly publicized separation.

“It’s wrong isn’t it?” Donald Trump says in the commercial.

“But it feels so right.” Ivana Trump replies. Just as it seemed the two were back as an item, she pulls out a large pizza box, saying, “we eat our pizza the wrong way.”

“Crust first,” he says, biting into a cheese filled crust slice of pepperoni pizza.

And as Ivana reaches for the last slice, he tells her, “Actually, …

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