What We Know About the Exploits Dumped in NSA-Linked Hack

From Motherboard:

Earlier this week, researchers started poring over a mysterious cache of computer exploits and other tools that a hacker or group of hackers going by the name The Shadow Brokers had dumped online. There is now little doubt those tools belonged to an NSA-linked group.

On Tuesday, cybersecurity company Kaspersky published its analysis of the data, and drew strong links between the dump and the Equation Group, an organisation of hackers widely believed to be part of the NSA. The Washington Post, quoting two former-NSA hackers, also wrote that the data belonged to the spy agency.

But what exploits and tools were actually stolen? What products did they target? And did they work?

The files appear to be from 2013, with the latest timestamped from October that year, according to Claudi Guarnieri, a researcher who has studied government malware samples for years.

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