With Olympic Games Done, New Campaign Of ISIS “Stories” Emerges In Lead-Up To 9/11 Anniversary

From Blacklistednews:

Notice how this past week several odd ISIS stories suddenly appeared in the news? That “sudden” quality feel is very important to note. That’s your brain saying, hey why wasn’t ISIS busy committing “terrorism” during the Summer Olympic games in Brazil? Or, if they secretly were committing acts of terrorism then why wasn’t the mainstream media telling us about it during the Olympic games? The answer to the latter question is because there was no ISIS terrorism for the mainstream media to tell us about during the Olympic games. The answer to the former question is ISIS didn’t commit terrorism during the Olympic games because ISIS doesn’t exist in the manner that we’re told. They are NOT an organization that can sustain themselves, outsmart all the global powers and Intelligence services and they are simply not the group portrayed by mainstream media. They are a planned, created, armed and trained proxy army for the United States and they too do as they are told at the highest levels.

Think of it from the point of view of ISIS fighters: the bosses who gave you your guns, supplies and are looking out for your safety will tell you what to do next and you will listen. Doesn’t that logic sequence make sense from the point of view of an ISIS fighter? ISIS fighters only do what they are told just like any small gang would. For any individual fighter to act on his own outside of the mission of the group could and eventually would be detrimental to the group. The media is constantly playing the “ISIS is so rich and powerful” card to get you to believe that they can buy themselves out of being tracked, captured, defeated, dismantled and done away with. I’ve been discussing the mainstream media “ISIS is …

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