World leaders voice support for Turkey, condemn coup

From The Associated Press:

World leaders expressed support for Turkey and its democratic institutions on Saturday after the government quashed an attempted military coup.


Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Turkish authorities must do their utmost to ensure “respect for the rule of law, of fundamental rights and of parliament’s role” following the failed military coup.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry Saturday evening, Gentiloni expressed “relief” that Turkey thwarted what he calls a “military adventure that would have brought the country into chaos with the return of ghosts of the past.”

Gentiloni also said that, “prompt re-establishment of constitutional order and stability is urgent and necessary” but that must occur without “indulging in the logic of violence.”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she condemns the coup attempt in Turkey, saying democratic institutions must be respected.

Merkel told reporters at the chancellery in Berlin on Saturday that it was “tragic that so many people paid for this coup attempt with their lives” and urged an end to the bloodshed.

She said “Germany stands on the side of all of those in Turkey who defend democracy and the rule of law.”


The European Union’s foreign affairs chief said it is “indispensable” that Turkey regain stability, following a failed military coup.

The Italian news agency ANSA Saturday further quoted Federica Mogherini as telling it and another Italian agency AGI in a joint interview that it is imperative that “a dangerous spiral of violence” isn’t fueled.

Mogherini was also quoted as calling on Turkey to respect the law, rule of law and democratic conventions, calling them “binding and inalienable principles” which are also the “best way to face the difficulties that Turkey is experiencing.”


Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed concern about tensions in Turkey in the wake …

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