World’s first pyramid… in KAZAKHSTAN: Scientists discover tomb structure was built 1,000 years BEFORE those in Egypt

From Daily Mail:

The bronze era pyramid found in Kazakhstan. These photos show artifacts already unearthed at the site, and the layout of the foundations of the pyramid, before archeologists examine an unopened burial chamber in coming daysScientists are due to explore the unopened burial chamber of the pyramid complex ‘within days’.

‘It was built more than 3,000 years ago in Saryarke for a local ‘pharaoh’, a leader of a local mighty tribe dating to late Bronze epoch,’ said archeologist Viktor Novozhenov.

‘Work on opening the main burial chamber will begin within days.

‘All finds will be passed to the archaeology museum of Karaganda State University.’

Images released today of what Novozhenov called a ‘sensational find’ show artifacts already unearthed at the site, and the layout of the foundations of the pyramid.

The discovery was made by specialists from the Saryarkinsky Archeology Institute in Karaganda under the leadership of Igor Kukushkin.

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